Welcome to medicos a quarterly Overseas doctor's review in the UK

Medicos was launched in 1975 in the U.K to fill a gap that existed in the medical profession. Over 20,000 overseas qualified doctors are employed in the N.H.S in the U.K . Research report at the Policy Study Institute " Overseas Doctors in the NHS" by David smith revealed that the National Health Service has relied and continue to rely on overseas doctors for some indefinite years.
Medicos bridges east and west medicine in culture as well as in socio- medical field by holding conferences and post graduate educational events both at national and international level. Medicos publishes news & reviews summaries of health care and recent research development in the field of HIV & AIDS.

Why NHS needs Overseas Doctors

Britain will remain dependent for the health care of its people on a steady inflow of the overseas doctors every year from now until the turn of the century. The reason why foreign doctors will continue to be needed in addition is that considerable wastage among medical graduate is expected as well as extra demands for doctors service. More than a quarter of all NHS are from overseas . With several hundreds of doctors moving in and out annually just in this one country. It is well to remember that this is but a small part of a world wide pattern.

Retirement of a large number of overseas doctors who came to the U.K in 60's will also create further problems in the inner cities and in the deprived areas disproportionately all over U.K

It is doubtful whether all the posts in all specialities , in all the geographical areas, will be as acceptable to UK graduate as they appear to have been to overseas doctors. The NHS will probably not look very attractive to doctors from other European countries with better pay and lighter workloads. The U.K seems unlikely to be a country of choice.

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