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Health and Social Care Bill Update

On the 14th October Pulse reported that Clinical Commissioning Groups ("CCGs") representing several thousand GPs across London had signed a multi-million pound deal with private consultants "handpicked by NHS bosses" to help support the roll out of GP Commissioning. It was reported that 31 CCGs had signed contracts for a programme of "intensive organisational support" for commissioning from the likes of KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Capita and McKinsey which have formed a joint partnership with the RCGPs Centre for Commissioning and business consultancy Ashridge Alliance. The partnership will be advising CCGs ahead of authorisation.

Commissioning partners are said to include Ernest and Young, Capsticks Solicitors, Binder Dijker Otte and the Entrusted Health Partnership. There can be no doubt whatsoever about the standing of the consultancies who will, according to Pulse, offer CCGs coaching, leadership plans, resources and how-to guides, 360 degree feedback, self-assessment tools and organisational development plans. However Lockharts, who as a matter of policy do not accept instructions from NHS London or PCTs, whether within the London area or outside, believe that the "roll out" of commissioning advice described above will almost certainly have a number of "one size fits all" elements. These may very well be prescriptive in a way which may not suit the individual natures of practices participating, whether willingly or otherwise, in CCGs.

Lockharts are also concerned that the planned set up of CCGs may well seek to impose contractual burdens on practitioners, many of which may be felt to be unacceptable on an individual basis and none of which have yet been predicated publicly in any discussions about the new single GP contract.

Undoubtedly clinicians involved in CCGs will need to skill up in order to commission high quality care, but it would be very easy for this work up to override the individual needs and understandings of clinicians.

To represent the personal interests of practices and practitioners, Lockharts are able to provide an advisory service. This service, available to both groups of GPs being asked to work within CCGs and also to LMCs across the country, will analyse the proposals for CCG work insofar as they affect the contractual position of GPs, both at present and, when information is known, under a new single core contract.

Lockharts have little doubt that arrangements, similar to those being made in NHS London, are likely to be replicated at least to some extent across England and thus all practitioners will come under threat.

For further information about the range of assistance that can be made available to practices lining up, or being lined up, in the CCG world,
please contact Andrew Lockhart-Mirams on

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Are you claiming all your allowable job related expenses?

Following the rise in the upper rate of income tax to 50%, individuals whether employed, in partnership or self employed need to ensure they are claiming all the allowances they are entitled to against their taxable income.
Please click here to download our information leaflet, which includes the following items:
- Tax rates
- Employment income
- Self employment
- Expenses allowable against self employment

The information also includes details on some problem areas such as:
- Motor vehicles
- Use of home
- Equipment
- Home and mobile telephone calls
- Ancillary costs
- Salary to spouse

If you would like to discuss how you may be able to maximise your claim, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely
Paul Ellis
Telephone: 0115 962 9203

Shaping up for The Future
Implications of GP Commissioning Hard Budgets on General Practice

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26 March 2009

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Andrew Tiplady
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